Since you own a Dodge Charger, you very well know that you have put in a lot of money to buy this car. The cost of the car affects the Dodge Charger insurance rates. Before you choose an insurance provider for buying your Dodge Charger insurance, make time and shop around. Look for discounts, coverage options, and the different premium rates that each provider has to offer.

In 1966, the Dodge Charger was first introduced. Currently, it is the 7th generation on the market. This car is a sports car though it differs from other cars of the same category for a particular reason. Initially, this was a two-door coupe, and today this car is a sedan that has 4 doors. Its design lets it be family-friendly without affecting its exciting performance and sportiness.

When the insurance coverage is calculated for the Dodge Charger, many factors apart from which State you live in are considered to determine your premiums. Higher coverage means higher costs for insurance companies. And these costs are influenced further by the driver of the vehicle and the version of the Charger that is being insured. Listed below are some of the few factors that an insurance company looks at about the vehicle being insured before issuing the best Dodge Charge insurance quote. These are:

  • Age —the Dodge Charger’s model year can have an influence on the insurance coverage amount.
  • Trim and features — this car is very good in appearance and delivers a great performance. This makes driving enjoyable. But it can also shoot up the insurance coverage cost. You cannot have cheap insurance for a very good car.
  • Safety ratings — since it is a muscle car technically, insuring it for a good coverage amount can be more expensive as compared to any other sedan. But, its positive ratings for safety may help in keeping the costs lower compared to other muscle cars.

This vehicle has some great safety equipment. And it also has good optional equipment options. Traction control, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, seven airbags, and brake assist come standard.  Safety equipment that is optional is forward-collision warning and blind-spot monitoring, etc.

Factors that Determine Dodge Charger Insurance

The model and make of your car play an important role in deciding the premium rate. In addition to that, there are other factors which are important. How long you have been driving, your car’s safety features, its annual mileage, and age are factors that are considered by your insurance company when assessing the risks of insuring your vehicle and for you to get the best Dodge Charger insurance. We can help you to identify the best car insurance companies for your Dodge Charger since most car insurance providers offer insurance for the car.

Types of Coverage for Best Charger Insurance

The latest models of Chargers are real beauties that are also high on performance on the road.  These features attract thieves to steal them. And unfortunately, when the theft rate is high, insurance premiums get affected. Various factors are considered by insurance companies before deciding the premium amounts. And this car has many factors that make its premiums high. Muscle cars that are high-powered are considered to have a high risk by insurers. And to add to that its theft possibility is on a higher scale which increases the premiums further. This makes it important for you to have adequate comprehensive insurance. You can also choose Collision insurance and under/uninsured liability insurance options.

Finally, it is important to understand if your insurer can pay in case of a disaster and how good their customer service is.

The problem with online reviews is that most of the reviews online about car insurance is from car owners who have had a bad experience. Rarely will someone who had their claim processed, leave a review. This is why checking the review of the insurer on NAIC (national association of insurance commissioners) is important. 

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