When it comes to Dodge Challenger insurance average cost crosses a little above $1000 annually. And this is only as an estimate of the cost and not the actual. Various factors combined together decide your insurance rate. The main issue for high Challenger insurance rates is the high theft rate of the car.

Thieves are tempted to rob Dodge vehicles. Apart from theft, there are many other factors which decide this car’s insurance rate. This beloved car is a muscle car that has a powerful engine along with tremendous horsepower. When a car has a lot of power, the possibility of driving fast is high so the risk of accidents is high.

When you own a car that has a higher possibility of being stolen, you are taking a risk. And you will want your car and your pocket protected. Because if your car gets stolen, imagine the monetary loss if it is not insured or insured insufficiently. To avoid any financial hardship of this sort, make sure your insurance policy is kept up to date. Since getting the best Challenger insurance is easy online, you should check our list of best car insurance companies. We can help you to get the best deal for your Dodge Challenger.

Stealing new cars may not be very easy. However, it is not impossible. And that’s why you will want to protect it from thieves. The Challenger is a hot car that cannot miss the eye when parked outside. To protect it the simple and best way firstly would be to park this car inside your garage if possible.

The highest rating in terms of safety was given to the 2016 Dodge Challenger by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This vehicle’s safety features comprise of traction control, anti-lock brakes, seatbelts pretensioners, and 7 airbags. Your insurance company considers the safety features to be an important deciding factor when calculating and giving you the best Challenger insurance rates. If your car is designed in such a way that you as a driver and your passengers are kept safe in the event of a collision, you will have lesser medical bills to be paid. Because of this your insurance rate will be low. Apart from that, the base rate is also dependent on your age and driving record.

If you own a rare classic Dodge Challenger, you will drive it only for special events or occasions. But, if you own a classic remake of a Dodge Challenger, then you will use it as often as possible as a primary vehicle.

In both cases, you will need to insure their car to protect it. And here the coverage amount will be determined by the usage of the vehicle and also on how much coverage you can afford.

Factors that Determine Dodge Challenger Insurance

Every state has a different amount of insurance coverage set. Depending on various statistics, the insurance premium is very expensive in some states while in some it is lesser. The place you reside and the average income of your state, play a role in deciding your insurance base rate.

In cases where your car is leased or financed, comprehensive and collision insurance will be needed from you by your lender. But if you have an outright purchase, then having these coverages is optional. Collision coverage means if and when an accident happens because of your fault, your car will be covered. And liability coverage covers only the other driver’s car.

Types of Coverage for Best Challenger Insurance

The comprehensive coverage will cover your car in the event of theft and fire and other incidentals. So when the coverage amount is being decided, it is better to opt for this vehicle’s average insurance suggested by your company. This will make sure your car is insured well.

Finally, check the rating of the insurer you finalize on. You can do so by checking their reviews and ratings on NAIC (national association of insurance commissioners) which give you unbiased reviews unlike most of the reviews online which will be by disgruntled and unhappy car insurance owners.

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