Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, is the Midwest regions academic center. It is known for its libraries, museums, and universities. It lies in the center of Ohio and is Ohio’s largest city. Columbus is the main center for careers and businesses. It has well-planned roads and highways. However, due to growing traffic, commuters spend a good amount of time in traffic. The growing businesses and universities have led to an alarming increase in traffic and congestion. A commuter spends 40 hours in an average, annually being stuck in heavy traffic. Getting auto insurance in Columbus Ohio is very important.

Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in Columbus Ohio

A driver pays higher auto insurance in Columbus Ohio than in any other city in Ohio. Though car insurance in Columbus Ohio is expensive, it also depends on where you’re located. Areas like Cherry Creek, Polaris, and Upper Arlington are cheaper than other areas in Columbus. The expensive neighborhoods are Franklinton, Driving Park, and North Linden. That is why you should check the best car insurance companies in Columbus.  You can find out more about the insurance cost in your area by entering your zip code in the insurance companies webpage. Lookup the rates with various insurance providers and compare the rates, before you purchase your auto insurance.

The insurance rates are quite high in Columbus, however, there are discounts that you can get on your policy. The members of selected organizations receive discounts on their auto insurance. People working in some select professional organizations and businesses can take benefit of these discounts. The discount size and list of the organizations will vary from one insurance provider to another. So, find out and compare the discounts provided by different insurance providers and also negotiate with them to get potential discounts.

There are also discounts for good student record. University students should look out for these discounts from insurance companies. Discounts for Defensive Driver are available for motorists who included the program of defensive driving or traffic school program in their records. Teenagers are generally charged with very high insurance rates. They can receive a discount if they participate in such driving programs. Even seniors above the age of 50 can also receive discounts if they participate in defensive driving programs or courses.

Other Factors that Determine Car Insurance in Columbus Ohio

Columbus has a high crime rate. It has a high number of burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft. It is high risk and cost for insurance companies to provide insurance in such areas. The number of claims for theft or damage to the car will tend to go high in such areas, and it will lead to insurance companies spending more money to those who file the claim. Insurance in such areas is expensive as compared to areas with less crime.

There are driving laws for every citizen in Columbus, and every driver should follow these laws to keep themselves and others safe. Wearing seatbelt is a mandate by law for the driver as well as the front seat passenger. Children under the age of 8, must be seated in a child safety seat or booster seat. Children between the age of 8 and 15 should always wear a seatbelt irrespective of where they are seated. Texting is not allowed while driving. However, talking on the phone is allowed for those who are above 18 years old. Intoxicated or driving with alcohol level in the blood above the permitted limit is a punishable offense. Drivers must follow these rules and avoid any damage to their driving history. Violating these laws can lead to a heavy fine being levied or even suspension of driver’s license.             

Insurance companies consider drivers records while giving an insurance quote. Drivers who have not maintained good records have to pay high insurance costs. Hence, drivers need to be careful and maintain good records to get reasonable or cheaper insurance rates.

Always compare and take quotes from multiple insurance providers. Once you compare the costs and are satisfied with the coverage as well as the discounts they are providing, then take a decision. Don’t forget to look up for NAIC ratings. These ratings would let you know which companies are safe to trust to purchase insurance.

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