Savannah is the most beautiful and oldest city in the state of Georgia. It is situated along the coast of Savannah River and has a population of around 146,700. Interstate 95 is one of the major highways in Savannah, and during the peak time which is morning and evening, there is heavy traffic and congestion on the streets and highways. During the rainy season and when there is high tide, the streets get flooded and then it is difficult to get on the roads of Savannah. Getting auto insurance in Savannah is very important as the elements are unpredictable.

Types of Coverage for Auto Insurance in Savannah GA

All drivers are required to have a minimum amount of auto insurance in Savannah, which is a follows:

  • Bodily injury – $25,000 per person
  • Bodily injury – $50,000 per accident
  • Property destruction – $25,000

Liability coverage is for at-fault accidents and will cover expenses for bodily injury, death of a person, or destruction to property. It will not cover expenses that occur in other circumstances or situations. Consider opting for additional coverages to cover other expenses in the event of an accident. Other coverages can be quite beneficial for you. Discuss the options with your insurance provider, and then add them to your auto insurance. You can also check for the best car insurance in Savannah Georgia from our list of best car insurance companies

If you have a car worth more than $2,000 or if it is a new car, then do opt for collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will cover expenses of your damaged car in a collision. Comprehensive coverage will cover all damages to your car other than collision damage. Generally, both these coverages are bundled and are added together to your auto insurance policy.

Medical Expense coverage and Protection for Personal Injury (PIP) are quite similar to each other. Medical expense covers all medical expenses or hospital bills. PIP will also cover medical expenses, but it will also cover other expenses that you have to face because of the accident, such as lost wages or childcare expenses.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance coverage are also bundled together by most insurance providers. This covers any damages or expenses caused in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

The additional coverages are quite recommended to be added in your auto insurance. However, discuss with your insurance provider and add accordingly to avoid any duplication of coverages. 

Factors that Determine the Best Car Insurance in Savannah Georgia

If you want to get a favorable insurance rate, then ensure that you maintain a driving record. A driving record with at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, drunk driving, and violation of laws can lead to an expensive insurance premium. Keeping a good driving record can help you to get a reasonable premium rate. Also, your residential address can impact your insurance rate. Living in an area with a high rate of auto theft, accidents, bad weather conditions, and vandalism, would lead to expensive premium rates. Your car is more prone to damages in such areas, which is a cost to the insurance company. Living in a peaceful locality with fewer accidents, crimes, or better weather conditions can get you a better insurance rate.

An insurance company also goes through a drivers credit score before providing a quote. They perceive that an individual with a poor credit score is more likely to file a claim than an individual with an excellent rating. If you have a poor rating, you can improve the rating to get a discount on your premium rate. If you have a good credit rating, continue to maintain the rating.

Matured and experienced drivers are perceived as good drivers by the insurance companies, who are less likely to file a claim. A teenager is charged an expensive premium as they are perceived as risky and inexperienced drivers. Teenagers can get discounts if they opt for Good student or even driver education course discounts. Before, buying insurance do compare rates between top-rated insurance providers. You can find the best and top-rated companies by checking the NAIC ratings. Avoid looking for companies that provide you cheaper insurance rates. A company should be financially stable, so do thorough research before investing.

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