Massachusetts also known as the Bay state is considered to be safe for driving. The good news is that Massachusetts car insurance rates are around the average. This is because the death rates are comparatively lower than other states. It ranks third lowest among the 50 states for low death rates. However, car accidents do happen and hence drivers and their cars need to be insured. The state of Massachusetts needs the driver to have legal car liability insurance before he or she can start up the car engine. That is why it is best to compare Massachusetts car insurance rates before you decide on one.

The cost of the best car insurance in Massachusetts hovers nearly around the U.S. national average for the same. When you hear the word ‘average’ it may sound insignificant, but it really needs to be noted with emphasis. This state follows the no-fault system. As per this regulation, the insurance company from whom you have taken the cover will pay for the damages irrespective of who is at fault. Massachusetts is one of the expensive places to get insured in. The residents of this state may be paying more than required. 

Responsibility, in other words, stands for liability. There are 2 types of liabilities in the auto insurance world. One is related to property damage like car damage and the other is to do with bodily damage like injury and so on. If an accident happens because of your fault, the other driver’s car repair costs and medical bills will be paid by your car insurance company. 

Every state has a minimum liability in terms of car insurance. This means that a person has to buy the minimum amount of insurance coverage set by that state in which they are in

The minimum coverage for Massachusetts is:

  • $20,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $40,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $5,000 property damage coverage per accident

Since the requirements are pretty standard, we can help you to choose the best car insurance companies online. That way you get the best car insurance in Massachusetts after ensuring that it is the cheapest. 

Factors that Determine Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates

In addition to location, there are other factors that are important when it comes to car insurance in Massachusetts. Your age and driving record, the car’s age, type, safely features, etc are very important. Location is one factor when the insurance company determines your premium. There are many other important ones. 

In addition to auto liability, like any other no-fault states, Massachusetts also requires you to purchase the PIP which is Personal Injury Protection. And because it follows the no-fault regulations, premium payers get their financial losses recovered from their insurance companies itself. This is regardless of whose fault it was. In this, one gets their rehabilitation, medical, lost income due to not being able to work (due to the accident), and also the funeral costs covered. In a few states, PIP provides child care services too. 

If one gets caught driving without insurance, they will have to pay a fine of anything between $500/- to $5000/-. Some may also get jailed or have their driving privileges suspended for a year. And if they suspend your license, then it will be reinstated only after paying additional fees. 

The Insurance Information Institute conducted a study according to which Massachusetts ranks 3rd for having the fewest number of uninsured drivers compared to other states. Even the number of fatal accidents is very low here. But still, the insurance rates are only little below average. It is still expensive because of the repair costs being high and because it is a no-fault state. 

Types of Coverage for the Best Car Insurance in Massachusetts

It makes sense to take collision or comprehensive insurance too. When compared to all the other states, Massachusetts auto repair costs showed to be average. But, when one meets with an accident, their auto repair bill may skyrocket in no time. In scenarios where the repair bills exceed the vehicle’s total evaluated worth, the insurance company will prefer to total the vehicle and pay the worth of the car instead of the high repair bill. If your insurance company realizes that there could be a higher payout depending on your car type or circumstances, the effects of it will show through your premium amounts. All these additional coverage amounts can increase your insurance premium so make sure that you are getting the best car insurance in Massachusetts before you jump in. Finally, always check for unbiased rating from NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) and the complaints data collected by the State of Massachusetts to ensure that you get an honest review of the insurance company you decide on.

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