Every car owner wants to find the cheapest car insurance policy. But policies can be hard to compare, and the specific rates for your specific driving record can vary.  Here are some tips to ensure you are getting the best price for your car insurance.

1. Get only the coverage you need to have. If your vehicle is over-insured then you will just stop up spending funds for very little. Have a discussion with a reliable insurance agent. They can tell you if your coverage amount is too low, or if you are estimating too many miles of usage. Perhaps another provider is better for your exact make and model.  An agent will know and be able to help you.

2. Multiple policy discounts can be very cost-effective. Dealing with a single insurer opens up many discounts you may not have known were available.  Many insurers also offer policies for health insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance and more. Ask each provider if they give multiple policy discounts.

3. Student, veteran, good driver and other discounts. Insurers normally give savings on an assortment of counts. They vary from the use of anti-theft devices in the car or truck to a good driving history without any accidents. You may also be eligible for discounts if you’ve taken defensive driving lessons.  Maybe you just work for a particular company that receives discounts. The possibilities are so endless, the only way to find out is ask.  The discount amounts will vary in accordance with the discount type and the insurance company.

4. Pay yearly instead of monthly. This can be expensive upfront but save you up to hundreds of dollars per year.  Many insurers offer discounts for paying yearly or for 6 months at a time, instead of monthly.  And don’t worry–if you cancel at any time, most insurers offer a pro-rated refund.

5. Shop around! Don’t settle for your first quote. This seems obvious, but the fact is, shopping for insurance just isn’t fun. So we all tend to give up a bit early.  As a rule of thumb, make sure you get at least three quotes.  Everyone’s situation is different, so you can’t trust that just because your friend saved money with one company you will too.  Change cars?  Change commute?  Change driving history?  Get 3 quotes!  You’ll be surprised by how much insurers compete with each other for your business.

You may have to put a little bit of effort and hard work into finding the cheapest car insurance policy, but remember every penny you save you can invest in the things that matter most to you.


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