Fresno is a city with over a population of 500,000 residents. This city is known for ash trees, and it lies in the middle of the valley named San Joaquin. Fresno is a large city with traffic on its roads and streets. It is recommended for every motorist to buy car insurance in Fresno CA to protect themselves and their family from injuries as well as property damage in case of an accident. Every motorist is required to have a minimum liability car insurance in Fresno CA to drive a vehicle. It is expensive to buy auto insurance in California. However, Fresno is slightly cheaper as compared to the state average.

Types of Coverage for Car Insurance in Fresno CA

Minimum liability is not enough to give you adequate coverage. It is advisable to add more coverage options or if possible, opt for full coverage. For some motorist, full coverage would not be affordable. So, inquire about coverage options to your insurance provider, and add the ones that are important to protect you and your family against any unforeseen circumstances. Liability coverage will financially protect you against any damages if you are involved in a fatal accident. If you don’t have liability coverage, you may be financially wiped out and the more assets you have, you would tend to lose more. Liability coverage should be more than the coverage that you receive from a vehicle insurance policy.

Any damage to your car in the event of an accident is covered by collision coverage. Collision coverage will be required if your car is valuable or if your car is worth more than $2,000. Comprehensive coverage covers the expenses if your car is stolen or vandalized. The damages that collision coverage doesn’t cover is covered by comprehensive coverage. Medical coverage covers medical expenses if you’re in an accident. It covers for you as well as the passengers in the car. Medical coverage is beneficial if you travel with kids or family regularly. It is not beneficial for someone who travels alone most of the times.

Most states in the United States has imposed a minimum auto insurance policy requirement. California also has a minimum requirement, but it is on the lower side. Since it is on the lower side, it is recommended for motorists in Fresno to opt for higher coverage limits, if it is affordable for them. Also, opt for the collision coverage and comprehensive coverage too, if you have a car that is worth $2000 or more. The liability limits for motorists in Fresno are:

  • Liability coverage for bodily injury – $15,000 per person
  • Liability coverage for bodily injury – $30,000 per accident
  • Liability coverage for property damage is minimum – $5,000
  • Uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury – $15,000 per person
  • Uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury – $30,000 per person
  • Uninsured motorist coverage for property damage is minimum – $3,500

The uninsured motorist coverage for property damage can be excluded if you have opted for collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Factors that Determine Car Insurance in Fresno California

An individual’s insurance cost can differ due to various factors. A married individual pays almost 4 percent less premium a year than a single individual. A widowed car owner pays lesser insurance than a single or divorced individual. Reckless driving or violations of driving laws can also cost you a pricier insurance premium. At- faults accidents and damages caused due to the accident can also cost you a very high insurance premium. A driver with clean driving records will pay a much cheaper insurance premium charges as compared to a driver with spotty driving history.

Teenagers in Fresno pay more than $6,000 on an average on insurance premium. From the age group of 20 onwards, the premium amount will reduce to around $5,000 lesser than a teenager’s premium amount. The premium rate will continue to drop as the age group increases, and until it reaches the 60s. The age group of 60 pays the lowest premium amount. The premium amount rises again from the age group of 70. A credit score is not considered in the state of California. It is discriminatory to consider credit score in Fresno, California. You can check the best car insurance companies before you take  auto insurance in Fresno.

A locality with an alarming rate of auto theft and fatal accidents are considered as a high-risk location by insurance companies. Living in a good locality will earn you a cheaper insurance premium amount. Lastly, refer the NAIC ratings before purchasing an insurance policy. Some insurance companies will provide you cheaper insurance rates as compared to others. However, do extensive research to know if the companies are reliable and can be trusted.

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