Saint Paul is a city of around 160 recreational parks, springs, and at least 8 lakes. It is the 2nd most populated city in Minnesota. It is also the 16th largest metro area housing nearly up to 4 million people.

To get auto insurance in St Paul you will have to do some searching, browsing and get the perfect auto insurance of your choice which suits your budget as St Paul has the 5th most expensive auto insurance rates. Hence not all car drivers can afford auto insurance in St. Paul policy. Purchasing auto insurance provides you financial security from accidents, hit and run scenarios and vandalism.

Getting cheap car insurance in St Paul, Minnesota can be a bit tough. Hence check out the best car insurance companies so that you get the cheapest quotes and discount information. Accordingly, you can compare rates and make your choice.

Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in St. Paul

Most states have made it a mandate for all car drivers to take insurance. Failing to do so can be risky and also turn out to be a huge loss for you. Not only will your vehicle be towed if you are involved in an accident, but you will have to pay for any damages incurred in the mishap- bodily or property from your pocket. Car insurance companies before providing you with insurance consider certain factors. The age and model of your car, its speed on roads, its mishap rates, the driver’s age, place of residence, credit rating and driving record, etc are some of the important factors taken into consideration.

The place where your vehicle is parked or you are a resident of is important. If you are living in a town which is crowded and has a high rate of thefts and accidents, you will be paying a higher insurance rate. Driving in crowded roads can lead to scratches or damages to your vehicle and you will have to keep taking your automobile for servicing. 

Robbery rates here in St. Paul’s are high so it is always recommended to put up an anti-theft alarm system on your vehicle to reduce your premium.  Accident rates, however in St Paul are comparatively less. Hence its residents get to pay less insurance rates. There are models of cars which are at high risk of accidents. Hence insurance companies check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings of vehicles while determining your car insurance. Based on these factors the insurance rates fluctuate.

There are many factors that determine your car insurance premium. The driver needs to have a clean driving record without any tickets for rash driving nor DUI. Also having a low credit rating helps get a low premium policy. Marital status, age of the driver also plays an important part in paying lower insurance rate. Those car drivers below the age of 25 tend to pay a higher premium as this age group tends to be at high risk of accidents rather than those in the age group up to 60 years of age. In every state, insurance rates will change. Hence before you choose yourself an auto policy, do check if you meet all necessary factors so that you can get yourself a budget-friendly deal.

Types of Coverage for Car Insurance in St. Paul Minnesota 

Every state has its minimum coverage amount requirement.  For example in St Paul, Minnesota – Bodily injury per person is $30,000 and per accident is $60,000. Property damage requirement is $10,000, Personal Injury Protection requirement (PIP) is $40,000 and Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage is $25,000 per person and minimum $50,000 for per accident. There are many coverage options available. You should choose the ones which will be helpful for you and not too expensive to pay for. The most common ones are

Liability coverage-  Any accident damages or bodily injuries caused due to an accident in which you are responsible will be paid by this insurance. It is advised to purchase this coverage at a higher rate more than the requirement of the state.

Collision coverage-  Manages the damage expenses of your vehicle and will pay for all its repairs. If your vehicle is damaged in the mishap, you will get the value of the car. This coverage is costly and mainly depends on the age and model of the damaged vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage- It is really helpful to have this coverage. If your vehicle is damaged due to weather or theft or any incidents apart from road mishaps, this coverage will come in handy.

PIP- This is an important coverage and a must buy. It pays for all medical costs incurred in an accident of not only yourself but also those traveling with you.

Underinsured or Uninsured coverage- not all car drivers purchase coverage so if you are in an accident and the driver does not have less or no insurance, this policy will be your companion.

Always check before trusting any insurance organization. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will give you complete information about insurance companies in the market so do check its portal.

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