Fiesta car insurance is affordable as the car itself is affordable. The Fiesta car insurance annual rates are cheaper on average than the national average. Since 1976, Ford Fiesta has been in the market. Today we have its 7th generation running. The Fiesta model started getting sold by Ford in North America in 2010. This car is subcompact and is known to have spacious seats, inexpensive cost, and amazing fuel economy. From 1976 till 2011, Ford sold over 16 million Fiestas.

One of the reasons why your Ford Fiesta insurance is low is that it has multiple safety features which result in lesser accidents. If your Ford Fiesta comes with certain safety features equipped with it, you could be lucky to be able to save money when investing in car insurance. These safety features are: Anti-lock brakes, Airbags, Stability Control, Anti-theft System, and Seatbelt pretensioners

In order to reduce the premiums so you could save more money, inform your insurance company of any anti-theft and safety features that your car has.

This is an economy car and can be bought as a sedan or a hatchback. An added advantage of owning this car which is inexpensive and has excellent gas mileage is that its insurance is also the cheapest among its category.

Additional Features of the Ford Fiesta Which Result in Low Fiesta Car Insurance Rates

To begin with, it comes with dual side airbags, head airbags for the rear and the front, and an all-wheel anti-lock braking system. These 3 features itself are good enough to have a major impact on your car insurance premium rates. This is because they do a wonderful job of keeping the passenger safe.

A few more features that this car has are traction control, stability control, child car seat anchors, child safety locks on the car doors, and the sedan has four doors that ensure passenger safety.

Apart from these, there are few more features that the insurance companies would look for when it comes to theft. These features are – security keys, a locking steering wheel, and alarm systems. However, these features may not come equipped in an economy class Ford Fiesta.

Since Ford Fiesta cars include these, you as an owner will have a lower comprehensive insurance premium rate. This is needed to cover car thefts. Do your research well if you wish to have lower car insurance premiums for your Ford Fiesta car. This will help you save money. You can also check our list of the best car insurance companies to find the best Ford Fiesta insurance.

Types of Coverage for Ford Fiesta Insurance

In addition to the type of car you select, the coverage options you choose to impact your insurance premium.

The two main coverage options other than Liability cover that you should opt for are as below.

Collision coverage – This is an expensive coverage. Hence take it only if you really need it. Make sure to check if your car can be replaced if it gets totally damaged during a road accident. Otherwise, you will simply pay for this coverage and when the time comes to replace your car, you will find out that it cannot be replaced.

Comprehensive coverage – Expenses related to damages done to your vehicle by natural calamities like floods, by vandalism or theft, etc. are taken care of by this coverage. Road accident damages are not covered under this. Since the safety features of the Ford Fiesta are great, you will get lower quotes when you take comprehensive cover on your Ford Fiesta insurance.

Lastly, before you zero down on your insurance provider, you should do a bit of research on the insurance companies. Check their online portals for reviews left by customers. But please note it is always best to go to the NAIC as here you will get unbiased reviews.

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