Rochester is a city in New York State which is on Lake Ontario. Rochester is in the 5th position when it comes to the most dangerous cities in New York as per FBI crime data. This makes insurance premiums for auto insurance in Rochester NY higher than average.

However, Downtown Rochester is generally safe. Like most cities of this size, there are some areas that are dangerous. You should avoid parking your car there. This impacts the prices of auto insurance in Rochester, NY. However, you can check online for the best car insurance companies and identify the best car insurance in Rochester, New York.

Factors Determining Premium Rates for Auto Insurance in Rochester NY

Any insurance company before quoting the policy rate or approving a policy looks at a few factors related to the driver and his or her vehicle. Age, model and make of the car play an important role. Say, you drive an expensive car, the premium rates will be higher here than if you owned a less expensive car. These companies also depend on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration so as to check which types of cars have higher risks of meeting with an accident. This is why you will notice that the insurance rate for vehicles will keep fluctuating.

The driver’s information in terms of his profession, the driving record, marital status, credit rating is important. According to the traffic survey, people who are married have lesser chances of getting involved in accidents as they are cautious drivers. And if a driver’s driving history is clean and the credit rating is low, he or she will pay a lower premium compared to a high credit rating driver who has many road felonies.

Also if the place where your vehicle is parked is considered high on traffic congestion, vandalism or thefts, your premiums will be high. This is because your car has a higher risk of being damaged or robbed and as a result, the insurance company will have to cover heavy bills.

Types of Coverage for the Best Car Insurance in Rochester New York

There are some coverage options that you could choose when buying an auto insurance policy. These are:

Liability coverage – When an accident is caused by you, all your property damage and medical expenses are taken care of by this coverage. This is important coverage that you must take and is mandatory in all states.

Collision coverage- If your vehicle gets damaged during the accident, this coverage will take care of the expenses. This coverage is expensive because if your car is totally damaged, it will still pay you your car’s value. However please note this is only pertaining to damages caused by accidents and not by situations or scenarios like natural calamities, illegal activity, theft, etc.

Comprehensive coverage- If your vehicle is damaged due to getting hit by an animal while you were driving, or by a hailstorm, this coverage will cover the damages. But it will not cover accidental damages.

Personal Injury Protection coverage- Your medicals bills and those of your passengers and your family will be taken care of by PIP. Even funeral costs are covered under this plan.

Uninsured or Underinsured coverage – When injuries and damages are caused during an accident by an uninsured and underinsured driver, you get covered if you have this coverage. And in cases where the person is injured very badly so much so that he or she is unable to resume their job, they get a month’s salary apart from some housekeeping service charges.

cWhenever you think of buying an insurance policy, choose wisely. Check the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) for unbiased reviews of various insurance companies.

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