Memphis is a cultural hotspot of Tennessee. Memphis is a city visited by a huge number of visitors. The government has a website that displays information on a real-time basis. The information displayed included construction, accidents, and delays due to weather. The information is also displayed through message boards and cameras on live streaming. The transportation department of Tennessee also disperses information on their twitter handle. The traffic information is a big advantage to all the commuters to plan their day before they go out on the road.

Auto insurance in Memphis TN is expensive as compared to other cities in Tennessee State. The auto insurance in Memphis TN hardly fluctuates between the neighborhoods in this city. Memphis has a high record of accidents as compared to the other cities in the state of Tennessee. I-240 highways have the highest number of accidents. Most of the accidents in Memphis is because of drunk driving. Around 30 percent of accidents on the I-240 was due to drunk driving. You should make sure that you have adequate car insurance Memphis Tennessee. You can check our list of best car insurance companies to identify the best one for you.

All drivers in Memphis should carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. Residents of Tennessee are required to have a liability portion, which is as follows:

  • Bodily injury – $30,000 per person
  • Bodily injury – $600,000 per accident
  • Property damage – $25,000

Even though the liability limits are quite a high amount, it is still advisable to get coverage above the limit. Tennessee has quite a high number of uninsured motorists. Hence, it is highly recommended to buy coverage of uninsured motorist. If you just bought a car or if it’s not a decade old and an expensive model like over $3,000, then its recommended to purchase the collision coverage as well as the comprehensive insurance.

Factors that Determine Car Insurance in Memphis Tennessee

Accidents or violation of laws can cost you a high insurance premium. The insurance company will be looking into your driving history when you approach them for an insurance quote. A driving record with accidents, including bodily injury or property damage, will have a big impact on your insurance cost. Keep your records clean to get a cheaper or reasonable insurance premium.

Age is a factor that is not in your hands. An insurance premium is very expensive for a teenager. However, after 20 onward, the insurance premium starts to decline until the age group of 50. Once you hit the 60 years mark, the premium amount will start to rise and will continue to rise as the age group crosses 70 years.

Males have to pay higher premiums than females. Being married is a good way to reduce your insurance rate. Singe or divorced status will cost you a higher insurance premium. The insurance premium is a bit lower for widowed individuals. Also, keeping your credit score in place will be beneficial to have a good insurance premium. If you have a poor credit score, try to get it back on track and improve your score. An improvement in score will lead to a better insurance score. If you have a good credit score, continue to maintain it. The insurance premium for someone with an excellent credit rating is much cheaper than someone with a bad credit score.

Other Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in Memphis TN

Your location also comes under the insurance company’s scrutiny while providing you with insurance. Insurance companies evaluate how good your neighborhood is, and the number of theft or crime in your area. An area with high crime or vehicle theft is a high-risk area for insurance companies. A resident of a good locality will have cheaper insurance rates.

Buy insurance from reputed companies. Check the NAIC ratings and find out the best companies you can buy insurance. Auto insurance should be bought from reputed companies that you can trust. If the company is not financially stable, it is not safe to purchase insurance from such companies. We may be tempted to go for cheaper insurance rates but go for policies that will give you adequate coverage.

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