Lubbock is northwest Texas’ educational and economic center. It is also referred to as the Hub City. It has around 250,000 residents and is the world’s largest cotton-growing region. On average, commuters in Lubbock only spend 16 minutes as compared to 25 minutes spent by an average commuter in other US cities. Lubbock brags about its commute and traffic time record since the residents spend less time on the road. Getting auto insurance in Lubbock is very important.

The state of Texas has expensive insurance premiums, and as Lubbock falls in the same state, auto insurance in Lubbock is quite high for its residents. Men pay expensive premium amount than women. Also, if you’re married, you would be paying at least 12 percent lesser than a single person. A widowed individual pay comparatively lesser premium than a single or divorced individual.

Adults above 18 years are allowed to ride in a truck seated in the back. If a family owns only a truck and no other vehicle, then there are exceptions allowing children to travel in a truck bed. There are some driving laws that all residents have to abide by; one of them is wearing a seat belt. As per the safety requirements in Lubbock, all passengers in a vehicle should buckle up. Failure to wear seat belts will lead to paying fines as well as court cost of around $200. Children of 8 years and younger or height lesser than 4 feet and 9 inches, should be seated in a booster seat or safety seat for kids. If the children are not restrained properly, the driver or car owner will incur court costs as well as pay a fine of up to $250.

Using mobile phones near school zones are banned. However, there currently is no law that restrains 18 years and above residents from texting or using mobile phones while driving. . You can check the best car insurance companies and choose one.

If a driver is caught intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are charged with huge fines and even jail terms. It could also lead to suspension of your driving license.  Violation of laws and intoxicated cases lead to an increase in your insurance premiums. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep your records clean.

Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in Lubbock

Once you hit the age of 20, premium starts reducing by an average of 60 percent. The premium amount goes on decreasing until the 50 years age bracket. The premium starts to rise once the age group crosses 60. The other factor considered besides age is the credit score. A poor credit score will cost you a high insurance premium. A person with a good credit score might end up paying a much lesser amount than a person with a bad credit score. It will be beneficial if you gradually improve your credit rating from poor to good. You also need to make sure that your car has the minimum coverage required.

Other Factors that Determine Car Insurance in Lubbock Texas

A clean driving record goes a long way in getting a good insurance policy. An accident at-fault with damages can cost you very high insurance charges as compared to violating driving laws. Keep your driving records clean and be safe to get a good insurance premium. Lubbock has records of high vehicle theft. Insurance companies view areas with crime and vehicle theft as risky areas. If your area is known for theft and crime, your insurance premium will be quite high. A safe and good neighborhood will get you cheaper insurance rates.

NAIC ratings should be checked before purchasing anauto insurance policy. It will give you information about reputed companies that you can trust. It is safe to buy insurance from reputed companies than opting for companies that provide cheaper insurance.

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