Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina with a population of around 450,000 residents. Raleigh has many trees and is known by the name Oaks City. The cities Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham is part of researches called as the Research Triangle. In North Carolina, you can plan your travel by checking the condition of the weather, accidents, and even construction delays by calling 511. The automated system on 511 gives real-time updates for free. Raleigh roads can be congested in peak hours. The average travel time spent by drivers in Raleigh is over 25 minutes. Auto theft in North Carolina is lower than the national average which helps reduce rates of car insurance in Raleigh NC. 

Car insurance in Raleigh NC is lower than the state average. Drivers in Raleigh must carry a minimum liability auto insurance, which is as follows:

  • Liability limit for bodily injury – $30,000 per person
  • Liability limit for bodily injury – $60,000 per accident
  • Property damage – $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist – $30,000 per person
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist – $60,000 per accident

Types of Coverage for Car Insurance in Raleigh NC

Liability coverage of at least the minimum amount is made mandate by law. It covers expenses of injuries and property damage if you’re in an accident. The uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance is mostly bundled together. It is also included in the minimum required coverage in Raleigh. It covers your expenses if you’re in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Besides liability coverage and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, few other coverages can be beneficial for you. The collision coverage is to cover expenses if there are damages to your car because of an accident. Comprehensive coverage will cover expenses of your damaged car from an unexpected fire, storm, theft, vandalism, or any kind of damages besides damages from collision.

Medical expense coverage will look after your medical cost from an accident. Personal Injury protection can be an addition to the medical expenses plus it also covers other damages that has incurred due to the accident like loss of your wages. These are some of the coverages that you can consider adding to your car insurance in Raleigh North Carolina.

Factors that Determine Car Insurance in Raleigh North Carolina

Driver characteristics like the driver’s gender as well as marital status play a role in insurance premium costs. Men may pay around $4 lesser than a women in a year. A married driver may save a tad more than a single status driver. Single, widowed, or divorced drivers pay almost the same premium amount.

A driver in the bottom tier of credit rating pays around $500 more than an individual in the top tier.  A shift from poor credit rating to fair credit rating can have a positive impact on your premium cost. You can save around $100 to 400 every year if you improve your credit score.

Dui, reckless driving, at-fault accident, speeding ticket, and other driving violations can lead to almost double to four times hike in your insurance charges. If you want to avoid paying a huge premium amount, maintain a clean driving record. Raleigh drivers insurance premium charges decrease by almost 50% percent once they move from a teenager age group to the 20s age group. Premium amount declines as your age group change from the 20s to 30s to 40s and until the 60s. The 70s age group will see a slight increase in premium rates.

The other contributing factor is your location. Being a resident in a locality with auto theft and crime can cost a higher insurance premium as compared to a locality with lesser or no crime. Hence, even though you stay in the same city, the premium amount can change from one area to another. That is why it is best to check the best car insurance companies online before deciding on one.

NAIC ratings will give you information about various insurance companies from where you can buy insurance. Select at least three insurance companies and compare the rates. Once you’re happy with the rates and the company, then you can buy insurance with peace of mind.

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