Auto insurance in San Antonio is quite expensive when compared to other states in the US. San Antonio in Texas is no different. Also, insurance premiums are quite higher in San Antonio. The only way to get auto insurance in San Antonio is to keep a good record.

One of the factors that insurance companies check is your credit score. As per insurance companies, if you have a poor credit score, it is highly possible that you will file claims for every incident. Hence, insurance companies charge a higher insurance rate as it would be a cost for them. The insurance providers have different insurance cost range for someone who has a very poor credit score, fair credit score, Good credit score, very good credit score, and exceptional credit score. Similarly, gender and marital status are other important factors that determine the insurance rate.

Female car owners or drivers are charged lesser than male drivers. A driver who is married is charged a lesser insurance rate than an unmarried or single status driver. A driver who is widowed is charged more than a married person. The insurance rate is the highest for single and divorced individuals in San Antonio. You can check various rates from the best car insurance companies and make your decision.

Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in San Antonio

Age of the driver is another important factor for insurance rates in San Antonio. Insurance companies go through extensive research and data to find which age group is likely to be in an accident. The more the risk of accidents, the higher the cost for insurance companies. There are data that show that teenagers are more likely to be risky drivers. Hence, they are charged with heavy insurance costs than any other age groups. As the age group, go higher from 20 to 50 years, the insurance rates become cheaper. Auto insurance in San Antonio Texas is cheapest for a driver above 50-years. However, from 60 years onwards, the rates will start increasing again.

Accidents and violations of driving laws will lead to an increase in insurance rates. In San Antonio, a driver with violations and accidents will incur heavy insurance rates. Besides that, if you stay in a location with theft and crime, you will incur expensive insurance rates. San Antonio has some areas that have expensive rates and some with cheaper rates. The areas with cheaper insurance rates are with the zip codes 78248, 78232, 78253, 78259, and 78266, whereas some of the expensive areas are with the zip codes 78206, 78237, 78241, 78284, and 78285.

San Antonio has a record of around 700,000 car accidents due to weather conditions. San Antonio is estimated to receive around 80 days of rain in a year. The average annual rainfall is measured to be around 32.3 inches. Thunderstorms and flash floods are experienced in this area.

Other Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in San Antonio Texas

Car owners who own a valuable car or a car with a value of more than $2000 are recommended to opt for collision and comprehensive coverage. Below is the liability coverage in San Antonio:

  • $30,000 per person for liability of Bodily Injury
  • $60,000 per accident for liability of Bodily Injury
  • Liability of Property Damage is $25,000

The number of fatal accidents is quite high in San Antonio. Hence, the insurance rates are higher. It is imperative that a driver at least has a liability insurance cover that covers either property damage or bodily injury. Most factors may not under the driver’s control. However, one of the factors that are under drivers control is to drive safely to avoid any violations or accidents as much as possible.

There are insurance companies that provide cheap insurance rates. However, it is highly recommended that a car owner opts for valuable insurance that provides optimum coverage. Deciding what coverage you require and the amount you can afford to pay for your premium is quite crucial.

Find out who are the reputed insurance companies through the NAIC (The National Association of Insurance Commissioners) ratings. It is difficult to understand which insurance company to opt for, through customer reviews. Most customers may leave a review when they are not happy with the service. Happy customers may not leave a review at all as they are happy and comfortable with the service. NAIC rating will give you a better understanding of different insurance companies and coverage options.

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