Compared to other sports cars, Camaro Insurance is very reasonable. It was in the year 1966 that the Camaro was manufactured for the first time. It was specially designed to give a tough competition to the Ford Mustang that was very popular then. It’s nimble handling, sleek design, and sporty performance attracted a lot of buyers. Till date, it is one of the best-selling Chevy models. Consumers snapped around almost 100,000 brand new Camaro in 2014 because of its efficiency, safety, and because it is an affordably priced sports car offering great performance. The annual premium rate of Camaro insurance is less than $1,000 on an average and surprisingly insuring a Camaro is quite affordable.

Camaro is a safe car and this is something that insurance providers look for. It plays an important role in deciding the Camaro insurance cost.  

The Chevy Camaro is said to be the safest in the category of muscle car vehicles. Owners of this car should be proud of this. Because of the safety level it provides, your passengers and you may not get seriously injured during a collision. This also makes Chevy Camaro Insurance cheap as compared to other sport cars.

Another factor that your insurance provider will look at while deciding your insurance premiums is the car repair costs in the event of an accident. The repair costs for common damages in collisions play a huge role in your coverage. And unfortunately, the Chevy Camaro repair costs are higher than the average costs. Insurance companies cannot ignore this as they will have to pay the claim if an accident happens and the car gets damaged.

So on an average; The Chevy Camaro Insurance is a little less than $1,000 on an average annually. However, the exact premium rate would depend on a few other factors which are:

  • Where you reside and where you park your car
  • Your gender, age, driving record, and marital status
  • What optional safety features does your car include?
  • Approximately how many miles you drive annually
  • If you qualify or not for discounts on your car insurance

A man in his 20s who has one accident recorded in his car driving history and has many past speeding tickets will pay higher premiums than a woman in her 50s who has zero violations. Having said this, still, who do you think will among these two will want to drive a Camaro?

Some states stress on having the uninsured motorist coverage compulsorily. This increases the overall premium rate further. Thus making it expensive than other states. But, when you try and understand, you will know it is worth opting for this coverage even if it is not a state requirement. Around 12.6% of drivers are driving vehicles that are uninsured in the country. And if anyone of them is held responsible during a collision wherein your vehicle gets damaged, you will find it very difficult to get compensated for your loss if you do not have the uninsured coverage.

Since most insurance providers insure the Camaro, you can check the best car insurance companies online and decide the most appropriate one for you.

Factors that Determine Camaro Insurance

Your state where you reside will determine the minimum coverage amount that you need to carry in order to comply with the law of that state. Apart from the minimum coverage, you can also add a few more coverages if they are not already included, like the collision coverage and personal injury protection. When you add these options to the state minimum coverage, your premium costs will increase overall. Since the cost of repair of a Chevy Camaro is high, it makes sense to take Collision and Comprehensive insurance coverage.

A Chevy Camaro is a very attractive and fun car. And car thieves love it very much. The car that is stolen the most in the “muscle car” or “pony car” category, is the Camaro. Nearly 40% of these cars got stolen recently compared to all other performance cars.

Types of Coverage for Chevy Camaro Insurance

You need to know an important fact here. When your car gets stolen, you can get compensated by your insurance company only if you chose the comprehensive insurance. There is a high risk of these types of cars being stolen and hence the premium amount would be really high if you opt for this type of coverage in comparison to other car insurance rates. But it is worth the price for the coverage it will provide in the event of any theft or non-collision claim.

Finally, make sure that you check the ratings and reviews of the car insurance provider on National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). This will ensure that your Chevy Camaro insurance policy is from a reputed insurer.

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