The Jeep Wrangler is iconic. It is considered as the “real Jeep”. This is because it has proved and remained true to its roots. And its origins go back to the US military. Fiat Chrysler manufactured it and it is not meant to be driven on the highway. But rather is best for navigating uneven trails. It is a rugged jeep with nimble suspension and ample ground clearance.

This vehicle may not be for every driver. The ride in it is not a very comfortable one. But, it has a good number of enthusiasts drawn towards it. You should know what factors that determine the premium rates of your Wrangler insurance and how to bargain for the best rate that meets your requirements.

The best part is that a Wrangler’s insurance costs fall between $750-$850 for a period of 5 years. This vehicle is supposed to be among the cheapest traditional midsize SUVs for insuring. This is mainly because the repair costs of a Jeep Wrangler is not that expensive. If your door gets damaged, you just buy a brand new one and replace the old one. Apart from this, the Jeep Wrangler has a specific market as its target. Hence theft is almost out of the question here. All these factors are beneficial when the car insurance rate is being decided by the insurance company.

Factors Affecting the Premium for Jeep Wrangler Insurance

Your vehicle’s cash value heavily contributes to deciding the insurance price for your Wrangler. The insurance provider considers this very important as that is the amount they may have to pay if theft or accident occurs leading to a total loss. The price of Jeep Wranglers differs based on the trim style, age, and additional features. And these could lead to insurance rate fluctuations. Then there is the sales tax which is quite hefty, DMV fees and document fees. Jeep Wrangler’s prices are high. Even the models that have been used don’t see a drop in their value. The safety ratings of the Jeep Wrangler are low. This all may lead to increased insurance rates.

These differing factors result in very different insurance quotes. That is why it is best that you check the best car insurance companies and understand and choose the best Wrangler insurance for you.

Types of Coverage for Best Wrangler Insurance

Your amount of coverage depends on the state you reside in. Every state dictates the minimum amount of coverage you are supposed to carry to comply with their law. And based on your requirements, you could add additional coverage if it suits your budget. These add on coverages are personal injury protection, collision, and other-than-collision coverage. When you add coverage options, the overall cost of your premium will increase. But it is worth taking a few of the additional coverage options because this will save you from spending money out of your pocket if the state minimum coverage doesn’t cover you for the full amount during an accident.

When insuring your car, only approach a well-known company. You should also check the National Association of Insurance Commissioners or NAIC ratings before finalizing on your insurance company. It is really important for you to do so. Their ratings will help in selecting your insurance company. The ratings given by them are not biased. You may come across reviews left by irate customers online on the insurance company’s website.

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