Around 1.3 million people reside in San Diego. With such a population, there are quite a high number of vehicles on the roads, and every driver should have auto insurance in San Diego. The state of California has high insurance rates as compared to the average of the nation. Auto insurance in San Diego is even higher.

You are not allowed to drive in San Diego without auto insurance. Driving without insurance can lead to suspension of your license, and also your vehicle can be impounded. You are required to have at least have the minimum required liability auto insurance. However, it is always recommended to buy insurance policy above the minimum required liability coverage. Insurance policy should cover your medical bills or damages in case of an accident. So buy your insurance wisely. You can also check our list of the best car insurance companies which will help you to identify the best car insurance in San Diego California.  

Factors that Determine Car Insurance in San Diego California

A married driver is considered more mature and financially stable. Therefore, a married driver pays much less car insurance in San Diego than a single status driver. A widowed individual pays a lesser premium than a divorced individual. Your marital status is closely considered by the insurance company in determining your insurance rates.

An impeccable driving record can earn you a cheaper insurance charge. However, if you happen to have records of violations of laws, accidents, uninsured period, or reckless driving, then you will have to pay a very high insurance premium.  Maintaining a good driving record is crucial to get a reasonable insurance rate.

Driver’s age is looked at very closely by the insurance company. A teenage driver has expensive premium amounts to pay. A driver who turns 20 will see a good decrease in the premium rates. The rates will gradually decrease from the age bracket of 20 and till the age of 60. From 70 onwards, the premium will start to rise again. Most states consider credit score as well to calculate the insurance cost; however, in the state of California, a credit score is not taken into consideration. In California, it is discriminatory to determine insurance rates based on credit score.

A location with crime and theft will cost high insurance charges. Insurance companies view location with high auto theft as a risky location. Drivers from such location have a more probability of filing for claims than a driver from a good locality. Hence, to get better insurance quotes, you have to be from a good neighborhood. The insurance rates for your locality can be checked on the insurance company’s website using your zip code. Places like Sunset Cliffs and Golden Heights are less expensive as compared to Morena and Downtown San Diego.

The areas where there are more chances of fatal accidents also lead to high insurance rate. The more the number of accidents, there will be more filing of claims. The highways I-5 as well as I-805 have more number of fatal accidents than other highways. I-15 and I-805 are known to have fatal accidents due to drunk driving.

Types of Coverage for Auto Insurance in San Diego

There are minimum liability auto insurance required in most states in the United States. The minimum insurance amount required in California are:

  • Liability coverage for Bodily injury is $15,000 per person
  • Liability coverage for Bodily injury is $30,000 per accident
  • Liability coverage for property damage is $5,000

If your vehicle is quite valuable and worth more than $2,000, then it is advisable to add collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. It is always advisable to go for higher insurance coverage than the minimum requirement of the state. The higher the coverage, it gives you more financial support for medical expenses or damages to property or car, in case if you are in an accident.

When you plan to buy auto insurance, do an extensive research and find the companies that you can trust. You can also check the best car insurance companies in the United States. NAIC ratings should be checked for the insurance companies that you’re interested. Also, compare the rates with at least 3 to 5 insurance providers before buying insurance.

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